Monday, March 17, 2014

They hate us for our freedoms

I spent the weekend in Harvard Square, bastion of freedom and tolerance.  In more than one restaurant, same sex couples were openly kissing on each other.

Why this should offend people, I have no idea - people should love who they love - and no one was offended in Cambridge.

But fundamentalists believe they should be free to keep others unfree, so they fear Massachusetts and its fearlessness.

They should fear us.  We can persevere through winters that would kill them.

Yet we keep sending them subsidies via federal spending, we keep trying to convince them that the Enlightenment beat the Dark Ages for good reason (not to mention the Union defeating the Confederacy), and we keep failing to help them find the joys of the liberal democracy that we, not they, happily inherit from the Founders.

So strange that the one lesson they learned from the Civil War was never to be outgunned.  Tsk-tsk, always fighting the last war...


Unknown said...

Would you please change the name of your "blog" to Laughable Liberal. It would be so much more accurate.

lovable liberal said...

Since you asked so politely...

Uh, no. How silly of you.

Fat Bastardo said...

The left vs right paradigm is false. It would not be false if we were still a functioning democracy. When Ron Paul, Jimmy Carter and Dennis Kucinich agree on fundamental issues the left vs right paradigm if a farce. When in deed and policy President Obama is more conservative than Reagan not only is the paradigm false but there is no democracy.

The US is a corpocracy whose elected officials are the errand boys of the corporate criminal elite. The same people who are enemies of the tea party are enemies of people of all of us. The problem is, the tea baggers are not the sharpest cheddar and they vote for Rethuglicans.

Remember, the lesser of two evils is LESS evil.

Bigger Fatter Politics For Fat and Fair News.

lovable liberal said...

You really think Jimmy Carter and Dennis Kucinich agree with Ron Paul about anything more than the surveillance state?

Obama is a neo-liberal centrist (i.e. not a liberal), but he's clearly not as conservative as Reagan.

The problem we have is that we don't actually have a liberal party with any power, although there is one party that has genuine liberals who have a chance - and that's the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren wing.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was about time for another round of Lizzy "papoose" Warren worship. I guess she still hasn't given you that staffer position yet. I suggest that you send her some wampum or maybe help her with tanning the buffalo hide the next time Liz and Bruce go hunting.

lovable liberal said...

I get how this works for you, Anonymous. Fox and hate radio plant their bullshit in your mind, and you can never get rid of it, no matter what the evidence shows.

On the one hand, you're a keen student (although missing critical thinking). On the other, you are incapable of unlearning lies.

Sad. So ossified, so rigid, so unable to cope with reality when it differs with your prejudices...

Nero hater said... updates for a while now. Hey Mr. Useful idiot, if you need some ideas, just ask a Conservative as he would be glad to help.

lovable liberal said...

Follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up. You probably don't.

FYI, that doesn't mean the blog is dead. It will be back from time to time.

By the way, why is it that right-wingers capitalize common nouns as in German?