Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winning the class war

How is it possible that the Koch brothers believe President Obama is a socialist when they're raking in such huge stinking piles of money hand over fist?

If I had to guess, I'd guess that greater income and wealth inequalities are more desirable to the Kochs than mere greater income and wealth. To feel good about themselves, they need to be able to lord it over the common people.


Katrina said...

The Koch brothers are a perfect example of the 1% attempting to sway things towards their Ayn Rand vision of Utopia. And how do they sway things? With ridiculous amounts of money.

Its insulting that these high powered brothers assume their cash can change the hearts and minds of America's struggling and vanishing middle class.

lovable liberal said...

Yes, Katrina, it's insulting. It's also working, which I don't understand. Working people of all stripes used to be able to tell shit from shinola, but a large number of middle class voters seem ready, even eager to vote for a slide into feudalism, even if that beggars them into penury. They can't seem to see the big picture for all the Ayn Rand bullshit propaganda.

How did this happen to America? What can we do to reverse it?

I'd love to hear suggestions...

Katrina said...

mI feel as though the solution lies in our ability to organize and mobilize. Grassroots efforts for liberalism tend to at least drum up some excitement and possibly a little press. I think the college students of today are just barely able to make ends meet sometimes. It can be difficult to fight upwards against so much money and so many odds. If we don't inform today's college generation then they may never get the solid middle class standing our parents wanted for us.

In my home state of Ohio, We Are Ohio is fighting issue 2, which strips collective bargaining rights from public workers. We have to stand with our unions and show the country's working class that Liberals are desperate to help protect their rights.

flymorgue2 said...

Katrina has her "Koch brothers" search engine using most of google's bandwith. 1.5 million metric tons of carbon last year, but well worth it to stop thos Koch suckers.