Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who's interested in the truth?

I've recently read Merchants of Doubt, and I'm in the middle of The Republican War on Science. The clear moral of both is that independent scientists seek truth, while corporate and Republican lobbyists seek to protect profits.

Today, there's a case in which a corporation completely screwed up their maps of the Greenland ice sheet, hugely over-stating how much of it has melted - by a factor of 150, by an amount that would have increased sea level by a meter or more. Harper Collins, the publisher, touted this falsehood in a press release accompanying their atlas, but now won't even admit error.
On Thursday, Ms. Barclay said on a BBC radio news program that the Greenland map in the atlas would be reconfigured with the help of scientists, although she did not say the current one was wrong. She promised a new, “much more detailed map of Greenland that will represent more effectively the ice cover as it is.”

Asked if by “effectively” she meant “accurately,” [Sheena Barclay, the managing director of Collins Geo] replied, “It’s a case of actually how you define the ice itself, and at the scales at which we show Greenland it’s actually quite difficult to achieve that.”
I can't imagine having enough tolerance for obvious bullshit to ever say anything so fancifully and obviously stupid and wrong.

The scientists, on the other hand, are telling the truth.


flymorgue2 said...

I thought that the seas would stop rising when we electeed Obama? But glad to hear that you are in the middle and nto to the far left of something. (now to get that side-splitter, pleaese reread your post - that will constitute the second time that a human has read it)

lovable liberal said...

Not sure the first reader was conscious enough for his act to be called reading...

flymorgue2 said...

That was funny. Keep on the sunny side during Carter's lond awaited missind 2 d term

lovable liberal said...

I'd offer you a cardigan, but you'd just try to use it to get into a bar.