Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can see Wasilla from her house

There's a Russkie on the cover of Sports Illustrated's famous or infamous swimsuit edition for 2011!  Not only that, she has a Mooslem-y name!  Call out the National Guard!  All the wingnuts' fears rolled up into one bikini...

The point of this nonsense is that Republicans have taken to heart Teddy White's thesis, except that they've moved beyond selling soap to marketing near beer.  How better to do that than with a bunch of babelicious babes to distract from the fact that their ideological product is really awful stuff.

Thus we have the continued, otherwise inexplicable popularity of insufferable, annoying, bitchy-ditz Sarah Palin.  I'd say that men really can be led around by their dicks, except that all it takes is their eyeballs.  And she can't hold a candle to Irina Shayk.

Women, don't feel too proud.  You should have Scott Brown and Marco Rubio on your consciences.  At least we guys managed to stop short of Christine O'Donnell.

It's my custom to mock big media and to show a picture whenever I snark about a beauty greater than Palin's.  Plus, hey, I want readers, too.  This time, though, I couldn't find one with a reasonable license, and the SI cover itself is defended for the five minutes I have against even thumbnailing.  Amateur paparazzi, Wikimedia Commons needs you!  Still, you can Google your own favorite images of this year's multi-culti it girl.

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Anonymous said...

Us guys stopped short of Sarah Palin, too. Don't forget that she's not vice president.