Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Invade Kappa Kappa Gamma!

If this tissue of bullshit is any indication of the strength of the government's evidence against Bruce Ivins, then we better invade some unrelated place looking for WMD. Think about this - it's what they're leading with:

The mailbox just off the campus of Princeton University where the letters were mailed sits about 100 yards away from where the college's Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter stores its rush materials, initiation robes and other property. Sorority members do not live there...
Somewhere roughly on the edge of this picture there's a mailbox, and it obviously picks out Kappa Kappa Gamma (marked 'A').

This is a link? If so, maybe the FBI can connect Ivins to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. Or maybe he has a link to the grassy knoll. Think of all the things you come within a hundred yards of in the course of a year. How many could be connected less tenuously than this with a crime? Further:
[A]uthorities acknowledge they cannot place Ivins in Princeton the day the anthrax was mailed.
If they don't have anything better than this, they hounded an innocent man into killing himself. On the up side, they're having an easy time making him sound like a weirdo, so there is that.

Update: Where I have snark, Glenn Greenwald has some serious smackdown.

Update (8/8): Newsweek thrusts the propaganda with hardly any skepticism. What would you expect from Spiky Isikoff? He and his coauthor say that the mailbox was only 60 feet from KKG's storage room, which is a new factoid.

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