Saturday, January 19, 2008

GOP constituencies

Laughing the pretenders out of town leaves three guys who might just possibly win the Republican nomination, and they're a scary trio. One is an open theocrat and Confederate sympathizer. One will clearly and obviously say anything in the whole damn world to win - no, scratch that, it's worse, he'll say everything at one time or another if that will save the best for numero uno. The third is already 72 years old, though half the fossils in the media (think David Broder) would volunteer tonight to have his baby if only they had wombs, and he has deeply offended all the key Republican constituencies.

There are three constituencies that matter in the modern (ouch, oxymoron) Republican Party:

  • fundies - a 2000-year-old human-written book is never wrong
  • bullies - my country, right or wrong, I'll kick your ass
  • wealthies - pro-business means never having to say you're sorry
Sure, there are gun nuts, xenophobes, and racists, too, spread liberally (ouch again) through the first two categories and even leaking into the third (remember Henry Ford?).

The fundies and the bullies do the work and provide the votes, but the wealthies, true to form, own the party and run the show. The fundies are pretty pissed, uh, are waxing wroth over this. The Bill Clinton penis hunt distracted them for a while, but now again they want to be darn sure that they get their turn before the apocalypse. Some of the loonier fundies need their turn to help bring the apocalypse. As soon as possible. No shit!


Unknown said...

What drivel. Sad that the likes of Buckley are gone, to point out all of the ridiculous inaccuracies in this little diatribe.
All I can think of is Al Gore's $30,000 a year power bill, Robert Byrd's long "service" as a high ranking Klu Klux Klansman, and Obama's good liberal buddy Bill Ayers STILL refusing to admit that SDS and the Weathermen ever did anything wrong. This election is just going to get more and more fun! Ah, the sweet sickly smell of hypocrisy which presages victory! En garde!

lovable liberal said...

Just from your foolish examples and ignoring all the vast trove of other material that conservatives have polluted the political landscape with:

How much do you think John McCain spends to power all his houses? Take a guess. He sure doesn't know.

Byrd was in the Klan - sixty years ago. He reformed, though probably not enough. All his bigoted compatriots deserted the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, where they still are. Byrd grew. (Oh, and Bill Buckley published racist tripe quite late in his life, despite his appearance of civility.)

Bill Ayers is a radical, still. Obama doesn't believe any of the things Ayers is sticking with.

Better luck next time. You lose this round.

Anonymous said...



REPUBLICAN President Calvin Coolidge--"Laissez Fare" government policy: RESULT 1st year of Herbert Hoover presidency--Stock Market Crash-THE GREAT DEPRESSION (1929)

REPUBLICAN Ronald Reagan--"Reaganomics" beginning of Deregulation---Reagan $200B deficit; Bush1 $300B deficit; Bush2 $200B Clinton Surplus +$480B deficit plus stimulus plus $700B Wall Street = more than $1.38 Trillion Result: Stock Market Crashes--lost of 18% value in a week and no end it sight!!!!