Monday, July 28, 2014

The real Massholes

They're going to fight for their right to make you sick.

“Who does the EPA think they are to tell us what we can and can’t do with our vehicles?” Wedge said.
The vast majority listen to Rush, I'd guess.

Next up, shitting in the public water supply.


Anonymous said...

Well Chairman looks like we kind of agree on something after all. I absolutely hate those fucks. They belch their black particulates that end up in my lungs and all over my house. They also remove their mufflers and run straight pipes into those huge, obnoxiously loud smoke stacks. Thy race around like speed limits don't apply to them. I often wonder WHY the police do nothing about these gigantic assholes that are a menace to decent society.

lovable liberal said...

Good to know you're still disagreeable even when agreeing. Not surprising...